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As fragrant as a Flower!

As fragrant as a Flower!

Hey Hey youse beautiful beings! I hope you are feelin’ as IRIE as I and I am. The summer solstice is near and the sun’s fiery, lovely light will shine upon some of us in the northern hemisphere and stand still. WOWZERS! I know at least in Bellingham, Washington I already hear the sweet chirps of fowl welcoming the first glimpse of rays at 343in the glorious morning and the light slowly vanishes into the Northern Sound around 10 pm. I nearly caught the sunset’s tail, but it eludes me till the morrow. I’m sure I’ll catch it one day. I can’t wait!! Here’s a summery mix that has a lotta of irie sour diesel vibrations through it. May you shine brighter than the SUN and Catch his TAIL!

https://jasperjonesradio.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/summer-solstice-2013.mp3 <<<– LEfty clicky to melt into yer lawn chair being baked in the sun or RiGhty Clicky to keep floatin on and on and on.

2) Just Leave It to Me – Debutantes 00:33
3) This Generation – The Lions feat Malik Moore & Black Shakespeare 02:44
4) Sundialing – Caribou 06:30
5) Keleya – Moussa Doumbia 10:56
6) Kaya Version – Bob Marley & The Wailers 17:25
7) Lying In The Sun – Kouskik 20:01
8) Milk and Honey – Dennis Alcapone 23:32
9) Pegion Rock – Sister Nancy 26:13
10) No Agreement, Pt. 2 – Fela Kuti 29:33
11) Estimated Prophet – Burning Spear 37:14
12) I’ll Be Around – Gregory Isaacs 43:54
13) One Thousand Swords – Augustus Pablo 47:00
14) No/Where – Garages 49:00
15) Ekassa 34 – Victor Uwaifo 51:52
16) Worldwide Love – Dennis Alcapone 58:28
17) Mirrors – the Comettes 01:01:37

Freshly Squeezed ColourS

Lauren Coakley, the daughter of Sun and Earth, Lover Of Light and Weaver of Time. www.laurencoakley.com

Lauren Coakley, the daughter of Sun and Earth, Lover Of Light and Weaver of Time.

Consciousness Rising as the mist in the morning. Spring’s Blooming above and below, Busting Buds into Burst of Beauty! In going along with my last post of my dream of Rainbow Infused beings changing the world into universal Consciousness here’s the mixtape they passed from hand to hand. Aw shit man my souls about to explode..3..2..1..*^** BABOOM** Every day is birthday cake! I have really enjoyed mixing this mixtape of Colourful Dancing Consciousness. I hope you enjoy it and I ‘ll see you on the other side.

https://jasperjonesradio.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/freshly-squeezed-colours-mixtape2.mp3<<<—- LEftY ClicKY to Burst into Enlightenment  or RiGhtY ClickY to Mediate and Ponder the very thought of you.

I’ve had a blastoff in Bellingham, met some kin of the Mothership, family Fer Sure!  I’ve also met a lot of hurt homeless on meth and flying signs. I may have taken care of them or will in the ICU. I want to stop them at the pass before they go to ICU. Let them know that we are not shackled down by our past but have the ability to change the future by a change of thought on greater things.  “ For yesterday is death conquered and tomorrow is birth pursued.”-Kahlil Gibran.

Here’s some of my wanderings.

2013-04-03 19.51.262013-03-31 00.56.102013-03-20 02.48.21 2013-04-02 16.42.26

01-FOREWARD – James Allen

02-All in All – Julian

03-Children in the Temple Ground – Toshiko Akiyoshi

04-Epiphany (DJ Nu-Mark Remix) – Panacea

05-We Don’t Stop (feat_ Gift Of Gab & Radioactive) – Michael Franti and Spearhead

06-Ic Colors Featuring Mustafa Akbar Vs Ken Nordine (Qdup Foundation Remix) – Thunderball

07-Acetate Prophets – Jurassic 5

08-Kaleidoscope – James Allen

09-Crystallized – Melody’s Echo Chamber

10-Flesh – Ken Nordine

11-Place on Earth – Panacea

12-Wimble Toot (100th Monkey Remix) – Banco de Daia VS Kahlil Gibran

13-Gardens in the Rain (Estampes, No. 3) – Tomita

14-Sugaree – Grateful Dead

15-JAm – Major Jimmy and Me

The bus came by and I got on that’s when it all began!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY JerBear! Thanks for “Playin’ in the Band”! I appreciate all the gold that was spun from yer fingertips! Here’s an older mixtape that I made with the Dead weaving colorfully throughout some other sweet tunes!

Oh and here’s for a Darkstar slip where mirror shatters in formless reflections of matter , I posted this one year ago by chance.

Shall we go, you and I while we can?


Spring Vipers in Full Bloom Mixtape


SPRING VIPERS IN FULL BLOOM MIXTAPE<<<< LEfty Clicky to romp through the pollenated petals now or Righty clicky to save for later with your Love me nots.

Happy Spring everyone! I hope everyone is feelin' as groovy or even groovier than I've been. Here's a mixtape to keep that bob of your head, that groove to your walk and those bees a buzzzzzzing man!

1) Spinach Song (I Didn't Like It the First Time) – Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends
2) Subway Joe – Joe Bataan
3) Sensi for Sale – The Tufftons
4) Pusherman – Curtis Mayfield
5) Steppin' Razor – Peter Tosh
6) Don't Stand At my Grave and Weep
7) Take a Ride – Luscious Jackson
8) What I Call a Name – Michael Andrews (Me and You and Everyone We Know)
9) Too High – Stevie Wonder
10) Mr. Cool – Rasputin's Stash
11) Primitive – Groupies
12) Padrecito – Medeski, Martin & Wood
13) Nabu Corfa – Dorothy Ashby
14) Two Clowns – Galactic
15) Cantaloupe Island – Grant Green



In celebration of black history month I wanted to bring a mix starting from our ROOTS, not necessarily Kunta Kintie, but dear Mother Afrika, where we all originated from. This mix contains everything from Afrikan inspired Music from Mali, Nigerian Highlife Funk, Afrikan psychedelia, the Singer Akon's father Mor Thiam, Ethiopian spirituals, And of course the original Black President, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. So grab a Djembe and beat your drum with the Spirit of the Ancient Ancestors of Afrika. WARNING: Headphone users beware around the 25 min mark Ayo Ayo Nene there’s some original ear piercing feedback I could not get rid of.

“When the music changes, so does the dance” – Afrikan Proverb

1) Weapon Conflict – Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars
2) Aki Special – Prince Nico Mbarga
3) Zulu Nation Throwdown – Afrika Bambataa
4) Dododo ((Ekassa No. 1)) – Sir Victor Uwaifo & His Melody Mae
5) Ayo Ayo Nene – Mor Thiam
6) Chicago Falcon – The Budos Band
7) Phantom Of The Panther – Mulatu Astatke and the Heliocentrics
8) Hand Tan – Toubab Krewe
9) Zombie – Fela Anikulapo Kuti
10) Metche Dershe (When Am I Going To Reach There) Mulatu Astatke
11) Asmarina – Mulatu Astatke
12) Chant To Mother Earth – Bio
13) Ruby – Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté



Moons of Jupiter <—-Lefty Clicky to Blast off now or Righty clicky to shoot to the many Moons of Jupiter later.
Attention all psychonaut space and time travelers! We are going to be orbiting the outer outer limits of space and your mind. Come aboard and strap your helmet tight enough that your brain doesn't dribble out of your ears on to your antigravity boots.
Countdown to blastoff 3…2..1.. ZOOOOOOOOMMMMMM

1)Countdown to Blastoff 2)Highspeed – Coldplay 3)Lei's Song – Culver City Dub Collective 4)Dark and Stormy Night – Club d'elf 5)Us and Them – Club d'elf 6)Any Colour You Like – Easy star All Stars 7)Static Signals 8)Transmitting Live from Mars – De la Soul 9)Reality 10) React – Jurassic 5 11)Scarlet Begonias – Grateful Dead 12)Fire on the Mountain 13)Tourist – Easy star All Stars 14)Spinning out of control

The Fantastical Freakout Voyage into the Innerspace of your Mind


Freaky Freakout

Inner Space <—— Left clicky here to float through streams of color NOW or righty click, save and enjoy the freakout later

01- Innerspace, 02- La Femme d'Argent -Air, 03- LSD25, 04- We Carry On – Portishead, 05- Fearless – Pink Floyd, 06- Dub Apocalypse, 07- Last Train to Madhya Pradesh, 08- A-E-I-O-U, 09- White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane, 10- Third Stone From The Sun – Jimi Hendrix, 11- Freak, 12- Flying – The Beatles, 13- Blue Jay Way- The Beatles, 14- A death charge, 15- Darkstar – The Grateful Dead

Bellbottoms – Endless Mirrors and Infinite Me’s


The 3rd Eye

Bellbottoms <— CLICK HERE
Dose yerself with a large Drop of Sunshine and enjoy this summery colorful mix.

1- The Golden Road – The Grateful Dead
2- Not Fade Away – The Rolling Stones
3- Draft Morning – The Byrds
4- Where Are We Going – Donald Byrd
5- Hey Jude – The Overton Berry Trio
6- Alabama Bound – The Charlatans
7- Ride My See-Saw – The Moody Blues
8- I’m Free – The Rolling Stones
9- Instant Karma ! – John Lennon
10- I Dig Love – George Harrison
11- Can’t Come Down – The Warlocks
12- Dark Star – The Grateful Dead
13- Dark Star ( Closing Winterland)- The Grateful Dead
14- House Of The Rising Sun – Grant Green
15- Quicksilver Girl – Steve Miller
16- Somebody to Love – The Great Society
17- 2000 Light Years From Home – The Rolling Stones

White Rhino


White Rhino <— Left clicky to enjoy now with your favorite strain or Righty Clicky to save enjoy later under the table.

A Dorothy Ashby induced album. Not too many jazz harpists out there,other than Alice Turiyasangitananda Coltrane. If you know of any other jazz harpists or vibraphonist let me know.
Enjoy with your favorite strain
01 – Because-Come Together – George Benson
02 – The Windmills of Your Mind – Dorothy Ashby
03 – Incense – Herbie Mann
04 – Light My Fire – Ananda Shankar
05 – A Hundred Pounds Of Collie – Cornell Campbell
06 – Dub Apocalypse 2011-02-06
07 – Champagne & Reefer – Muddy Waters
08 – Storming The Death Star – Roots Radics Band
09 – This Girl’s in Love with You – Dorothy Ashby
10 – Clair De Lune – Jacques Loussier
11 – Coutchi Dub – Niney & The Soul Syndicate
12 – Love and Peace – Club d’elf 2010-08-26
13 – Mother Earth – Memphis Slim
14 – Don’t Bogart Me – The Fraternity of Man
15 – Outlaws – Bill Frisell With Dave Holland and Elvin Jones
16 -The Moving Finger – Dorothy Ashby

Hip Cat’s Veggie BBQ – Chile Cornmealed Crusted Fried Tofu


The Hip Cat’s Veggie BBQ- Chile Cornmeal Crusted Fried Tofu <<< LEFTY CLICKY TO BUST A MOVE NOW Or RIGHTY CLICkY TO ROCK OUT LATER!

Hip Cat's Veggie BBQ IV- Chile Cornmeal Crusted Fried Tofu
01 – Triangular Daisies – Rubblebucket
02 – Pass The Pipe – The Observers
03 – In a Rainbow – Sweetwater
04 – Lemonaide Kid – Kak
05 – Chalice To Chalice – Tappa Zukie
06 – Surfboard(dub) – Esquivel!
07 – Snatch It Back and Hold It – Junior Wells
08 – Sookie, Sookie – Grant Green
09 – Dancin' in the Street -Grateful Dead 05-08-77
10 – Filisko's Dream, for string quartet, blues harmonica & tabla – Corky Siegel
11 – Treat – Santana(Filmore 1968)
12 – Let's Go Away for Awhile -The Beach Boys
13 – Stop That Train – Bob Marley & the Wailers
14 – Drume Negrita – The Shi-Tones