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As fragrant as a Flower!

As fragrant as a Flower!

Hey Hey youse beautiful beings! I hope you are feelin’ as IRIE as I and I am. The summer solstice is near and the sun’s fiery, lovely light will shine upon some of us in the northern hemisphere and stand still. WOWZERS! I know at least in Bellingham, Washington I already hear the sweet chirps of fowl welcoming the first glimpse of rays at 343in the glorious morning and the light slowly vanishes into the Northern Sound around 10 pm. I nearly caught the sunset’s tail, but it eludes me till the morrow. I’m sure I’ll catch it one day. I can’t wait!! Here’s a summery mix that has a lotta of irie sour diesel vibrations through it. May you shine brighter than the SUN and Catch his TAIL!

https://jasperjonesradio.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/summer-solstice-2013.mp3 <<<– LEfty clicky to melt into yer lawn chair being baked in the sun or RiGhty Clicky to keep floatin on and on and on.

2) Just Leave It to Me – Debutantes 00:33
3) This Generation – The Lions feat Malik Moore & Black Shakespeare 02:44
4) Sundialing – Caribou 06:30
5) Keleya – Moussa Doumbia 10:56
6) Kaya Version – Bob Marley & The Wailers 17:25
7) Lying In The Sun – Kouskik 20:01
8) Milk and Honey – Dennis Alcapone 23:32
9) Pegion Rock – Sister Nancy 26:13
10) No Agreement, Pt. 2 – Fela Kuti 29:33
11) Estimated Prophet – Burning Spear 37:14
12) I’ll Be Around – Gregory Isaacs 43:54
13) One Thousand Swords – Augustus Pablo 47:00
14) No/Where – Garages 49:00
15) Ekassa 34 – Victor Uwaifo 51:52
16) Worldwide Love – Dennis Alcapone 58:28
17) Mirrors – the Comettes 01:01:37

Smoking Circuits

No photoshop involved, just altered altered time


You are that vast thing that you see far, far off with great telescopes.
Alan Watts

  LOAD “*” ,8,1

The other day I met this cat ,Josh, with lovely deep green eyes, tearing up the Imperial March via the accordion on the corner. For his fantastic gypsy star wars rendition I gave him a small aquamarine crystal I had been keeping in my pocket from another kindred spirit ,Jules, fitting enough name. The Accordionist just happened to be into crystals so it wasn’t an insult, like a 40 cent tip. We got to gabbing as usual about color waves, vibrations and ,new to me, Wilhelm Reich( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelm_Reich ) and his discovery of the orgasmic energy level. Josh continued to tell me that this orgasmic energy wave is also at the same energy created  by waterfalls and nature itself but in just a concentrated way when someone is having an orgasm. Wilhelm tapped into that , no pun intended, and made huge rooms full of this energy, not for orgasms, though that would be dope, but for healing. Wilhelm ,”coined the term “orgone” – derived from “orgasm” and “organism” – for a cosmic energy he said he had discovered, which he said others referred to as GOD. In 1940 he started building orgone accumulators, devices that his patients sat inside to harness the reputed health benefits, leading to newspaper stories about sex boxes that cured cancer.” Subsequently, the FDA didn’t approve of his healing orgasmic findings and burned 6 TONS!!!(an adult elephant) of his literature. Later Wilhelm was thrown in prison and died of “heart failure”. Josh had a “puck” tucked in the glove in his accordion box from http://kindredgifting.com/ that used this orgone principle to devise a portable version of this orgone energy for healing and other uses. Holding it in my hand I couldn’t tell if the shaking in my body was from the puck or due to shivering because I was cold as shit on a “warm” Bellingham Washington day. So here’s a mixtape about the vibrating energies that we pass from hand to hand after the initial connections are made, if willing, all over this precious Earth, enjoy. Wah wahwah Wah wah Wah wah wah Wah Hz OHMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Smoking Circuits<<Lefty Clicky to play the mixtape now or Righty clicky to save

1) Impossible Mission C64
2) Party Machine – Bruce Haack 00:12
3) Seveteen Years – Ratatat 00:57
4) More Bounce To The Ounce – Zapp & Roger 12:03
5) Metamorphosis – Ananda Shankar 17:05
6) Emerald Alley – Up, Bustle & Out 23:48
7) Baro – Issa Bagayogo 28:10
8) Gwyra Mi – Ramiro Musotto 34:10
9) Stay Human [Stereo Steambath Remix] – Michael Franti 38:31
10) China Cat Sunflower Remix – Boombox 44:48
11) Blue Skies – BT/Tori Amos 51:49
12) The Cosmic Dance (Mindwalk Remix) – melodysheep 56:47
13) Stars Wars Accordion Medley – Josh the Accordionist 59:42
14) (Exchange) – Massive Attack 1:02:08


A picture of the Tarot Card The Magician from the the wonderful Tarot Card deck "The Cosmic Tribe" by Stevee Postman

A picture of the Tarot Card The Magician from the the wonderful Tarot Card deck “The Cosmic Tribe” by Stevee Postman

Jassaffras<<<<—- LEftY ClIcKy to be the SKaT, BoP, FUnK, sWiNG, SoUL, BEboP, Right NOw oR RiGhtY ClIcKy to DiG the BeAt aT YeR OWn DrUmMEr n 5/4 TiMe!

JaZz has always been there since the beginning of Time, from Debussy to Dave Brubeck, Gershwin to the Grateful Dead, from the first joyous inhale of life to the slow wimpering exhale of death, from the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly, a single cell to an complex iris of a hazel eye and everything in between. Jazz is truth, creation, freedom, mistakes, mastery of sound and colorful magic.”The Magician is a seasonal transdimensional traveler who can simultaneously be here now and bear witness to the birth of the cosmos. He dips in the pool of time and ripples the dawn that illuminates our path” You may not know that you love Jazz, but you do , YOU ARE JAZZ, WE, as a collective, are a JAZZ ENSEMBLE. Capable of moving in any direction, FLUID, making notes that haven’t been heard of or invented yet, the space in between the space between , below and beyond, FAROUT, OUTTA SIGHT, DOPE and sensually close by, it is the GREAT I AM. Open yerself to the truth man, DIG! God hath used math, science, JaZz and luck to paint the universe, and you are THE drop on the tip of his paintbrush, a unique splatter of beautiful iridescent color, remember, “there will be never be another like you”. May you always experience the beautiful breath of life and be fruitful in everything you do!

1- Basic Hip – Del Close 00:00

2- Pinball Connection Remix – DJ Food 1:11

3- The Selma March – Grant Green 03:51

4- Babo – Johnny Lytle Trio 12:02

5- If You’re a Viper – Bob Howard 17:38

6- Concrete Jungle – Jenova 7 19:59

7- The Sun – Alice Coltrane 20:22

8- My Favorite Things – Alice Coltrane 23:57

9- Do You Dig U? – Q Tip 30:15

10-The Cool Rebellion – Howard Smith 33:13

11- In A Silent Way(Joe Zawinul) – Club d’Elf 53:25


12- I Heard It Through the Grapevine – Bill Frisell 1:04:47

13- I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter – Madeleine Peyroux 1:12:16



ConduitWe made it! The clock has ticked passed the Mayan calendar into the new era of global awakening and rebirth! How exciting! To celebrate the life we love and the love we live here’s a mixtape of the consciousness expanding and absorbing tunes to keep you moving FURTHUR into the new year! May they be seedlings of positive vibrations throughout the year that grow into an abundant everflowing manifestation of peace and love! SAY WHATTTT? Be well friends!
<<<—RIGHTY CLICKY to be initial ripple of an infinite ripple of peace and love! LEFTY CLICKY to plant later until yer roots find good EARTH!

1) Cosmic Dancer – T REX  00:00

2) Truth – ALEXANDER  04:20

3) Nightmares – OPEN MIKE EAGLE  08:37

4) In Every Direction – JUNIP  12:29

5) Trample Under Foot – LED ZEPPELIN  15:30

6) Chemical Calisthenics Featuring Cut Chemist of Jurassic 5 – BLACKALICIOUS  20:57

7) Blind Man, Blind Man – GRANT GREEN  24:16

8) Glue – ACE OF CUPS  26:59

9) Dirty Money – ANTIBALAS  31:20

10) Rebel Music (3 O’Clock Roadblock) – BOB MARLEY  37:37

11) The Gala Event – BEASTIE BOYS  44:11

12) Born Under A Bad Sign – JIMI HENDRIX 47:35

13) House Of Diamonds – BOWERBIRDS  55:05

14) Scale Down – RISING APPALACHIA  57:18

15)  Masters of War – THE STAPLE SINGERS  1:04:53

Smoke Rings


Alphonse Mucha – JOB Poster


1) Field of Vision – SCI-FI RADIO http://archive.org/details/Sci-fiRadio
2) Click Boom Boom – EMILY WELLS 1:19
3) Interlude 2nd Happiest Song – PROJECT TRIO 5:28
4) Slim's Return – MADLIB 6:52
5) U Can Get It – ProleteR http://archive.org/details/DWK123 10:35
6) Playtime – David Hillyard & The Rocksteady Seven 14:52
7) Neveem – Salah Ragab 19:14
8) What Goes Around Comes Around – LENNY KRAVITZ 26:54
9) Graffiti – DIGABLE PLANETS 31:29
10) Door To The Cosmos(DJ KICKS REMIX) – SUN RA 35:30
11) Inner Space feat. Hugo Kant – JENOVA 7 http://archive.org/details/DWK119 36:45
12) Your Most Valuable Possession – BEN FOLD'S FIVE 42:18
13) Prints Tie – Bobby Hutcherson 44:12
14) I AM BE – DE LA SOUL 51:02
15) lifelong fiction – aphilas http://archive.org/details/mia049 56:05

Dorothy Ashby, the Hip Harpist


Softly ,as in a morning sunrise, her ancient strings are plucked, grasped and manipulated to achieve the sounds of angel wings floating on a heavenly breeze.The Harp, the earliest versions are found around 3500 B.C. and since then they have been strummed across this beautiful world, including the kora from Afrika, the koto in Japan, or China’s guzheng, even Guiness beer has it in their logo.

The harp used to be an instrument for the orchestra pit until two young girls from Detroit , both born in August, decided to pick up this stringed winged bird and fly off to the groove of the Jazz bebop beat. Dorothy Ashby and Alice Coltrane are two of the most famous jazz harpists I could think of that has really changed the course of the harp. I could probably count the number jazz harpists on my hands, and thank goodness with each year that passes another calloused fingertip comes into this obscure fold.

Where Alice Turiyasangitananda Coltrane strummed transcendental spirit fire on her harp, Dorothy Ashby plucked those strings with the cool hip shaking Soul that dug down deep into your bone marrow! I love them both, really, two of my favorite artists!

As with Alice , Dorothy looked out into world music to express her soulful voice. Mrs.Ashby played everything from the piano, the Harp, and the koto. I encourage you to get lost in both of their magnificent albums, you will be pleased nonetheless.

In the meantime, you can groove your socks off to this Dorothy Ashby compilation, which is just the tip of the cool iceberg! If you have heard one of the tunes in a mixtape I’m not sorry for the repeat , just one of her songs can make a mediocre mixtape superb! As you listen to each pluck, strum and mastery of the vibration I leave you cats  to remember, Be hip, Be cool and always be groovy!

From Last Fm                                                                                         

DorothyAshbyMixtape<<<– Lefty Clicky to get yer harpy groove on now or Righty clicky to hear the vibrations later!                                                                                                                                                               

1) Soul Vibrations – AfroHarping                                                                                                   00:01

2) Feeling Good – The Fantastic Jazz Harp of Dorothy Ashby                                                  03:13

3) Myself When Young – The Rubiyat of Dorothy Ashby                                                          08: 18 

4) Truth Spoken Here – Dorothy’s Harp                                                                                       13:33

5) Heaven and Hell – The Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby                                                               16:06

6) My Favorite Things – Django/Misty                                                                                         19:12

7) Fool On the Hill -Dorothy’s Harp                                                                                               24:46

8) Anto de Ossanha  – Dorothy’s Harp                                                                                          28:07

9) Nabu Corfa – The Fantastic Jazz Harp Of Dorothy Ashby                                                    31:24

10) The Windmills of Your Mind – Dorothy’s Harp                                                                     35:07

11) Little Sunflower – Afro-Harping                                                                                              38:07

12) Essence Of A Sapphire – The Fantastic Jazz Harp Of Dorothy Ashby                              41:40

13) What Am I Here For – The Fantastic Jazz Harp Of Dorothy Ashby                                 44:48

14) Flighty – The Fantastic Jazz Harp Of Dorothy Ashby                                                         47:04

15) Pawky – In a Minor Groove                                                                                                     50:27

16) Joyful Grass And Grape – The Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby                                               57:28

17) The House of the Rising Sun – The Fantastic Jazz Harp Of Dorothy Ashby                 1:01:01

18) The Moving Finger Jazz – The Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby                                            1:03:53

19) Theme From Valley Of The Dolls – Afro-Harping                                                            1:09:27

20) This Girl’s in Love With You – Dorothy’s Harp                                                                 1:12:55

21) Dust – The Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby                                                                              1:15:28

22) Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise – Django /Misty                                                               1:18:14

The Awakening Mixtape


This is a picture I took of a window in Asheville NC, if its your window then I give you the credit of the window,

Peace to you! Here’s an Indian inspired mixtape with sitars, santoors, marigolds and mad beats. I hope you enjoy it.

The Awakening Mixtape<<<Lefty clicky to be enlightened by beautiful music now or Righty Clicky and save it so you can meditate on the sweet tunes later!

1) The Offering – Ravi Shankar & Phillip Glass
2) Excerpt from LibriVox Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse read by Adrian Praetzellis
3) Raw Tranquility – Madlib
4) Aaj Ki Raat – Asha Bhosle
5) Sounds of the East – Heliocentrics
6) Baul Folk Tune – Prelude – Nikhil Banerjee
7) Baul Folk Tune – Gat In Medium Keharwa Taal – Nikhil Banerjee
8) The Inner Light – The Beatles
9) Jumpin' Jack Flash – Ananda Shankar
10) Indian Hump – Madlib
11) Raga Misra Bilawal DUB – Suns Of Arqa
12) Vhaba Pare – Bapi Das Baul & Baul Bishwa
13) Beloved (Thievery Corporation Remix) – Anoushka Shankar
14) Within You Without You – The Beatles
15) Ragas In Minor Scale – Ravi Shankar & Phillip Glass
16) Sufi Bhakti – Debashish Bhattacharya
17) Pahadi – Shivkumar Sharma, Brijbhushan Kabra & Hariprasad Chaurasia
18) Dancing Girls – Madlib
19) Journey In Satchidananda – Alice Coltrane

Summer Solstice 2012 Mixtape, DIG?


ImageDamn Man,it’s hot! I’m sweating colorful vibes from all my unfortunately large pores. I hope youse guys get to chill and cool off near some aqua with a cold drink and get a nice tan, unless you can’t tan, sorry albinos. Always as yer friendly audiophile junkie says , if ya can’t stay cool then be cool! Remember, if it wasn’t for the sun ,YOU wouldn’t be here!! Thank Goodness El Sol turned up the heat on that primordial sludge yer cousin came from! Enjoy the mix. Damn, did I mention it’s HOT?

Summer Solstice 2012<<<Lefty Clicky to dig some HOT tunage now or Righty clicky and get baked later!

1) Summer Solstice Dig

2) Sunshine Superman – Donovan

3) Kites Are Fun! – The Free Design

4) SkyHigh – Donald Byrd

5) Sun Is Shining – Bob Marley

6) That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day) – Grant Green

7) Dave – Cheech and Chong

8) Reefer Man – Cab Calloway

9) Tema de Batman  – Celio Balon

10) Canto de Ossanha – Cal Tjader

11) Som Imaginario de Jimi Hendrix – The Pops

12) Long, Hot Summer Nights – Jimi Hendrix

13) Shake it Baby! – John Lee Hooker

14) Eyes of the World – Jazz is Dead with Steve Kimock

15) Sunshine Daydream – Grateful Dead

16) Whatchamacallit? – Esquivel!

17) Surf Session – Moondog

Synaptic Transmissions Mixtape


Heya Heya sorry about the delay with the mad mixtapes, my PC was on the brink of internal combustion. Hope youse guys dig the interpid travels of a wandering mind.

Synaptic Transmissions Mixtape <<<—- LEfty Clicky to jolt yerself into an action potential and make shit happen now or Righty clicky to be stored as energy and grooved to later.

Synaptic Transmissions Mixtape:

1) Today’s Job Interview

2) Eye Patch – De La Soul

3) As Long As I Can – panakronic

4) Tangle Eye – Holler

5) Consciousness

6) Evolution – The Cinematic Orchestra

7) We Are All Connected – Melodysheep

8) Like A Silence – Club d’Elf

9) Down & To The Left – Amon Tobin

10) Afro Harping – Dorothy Ashby

11) Seeing Things Remix – Zero 7 

12) Good Wood (Tinitus Mix) – Diffraction

13) Hey Jah Children – Aswad

14) Mongoloid Chromosomal Damage

15) Revolution – Bill Frisell

Spring Vipers in Full Bloom Mixtape


SPRING VIPERS IN FULL BLOOM MIXTAPE<<<< LEfty Clicky to romp through the pollenated petals now or Righty clicky to save for later with your Love me nots.

Happy Spring everyone! I hope everyone is feelin' as groovy or even groovier than I've been. Here's a mixtape to keep that bob of your head, that groove to your walk and those bees a buzzzzzzing man!

1) Spinach Song (I Didn't Like It the First Time) – Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends
2) Subway Joe – Joe Bataan
3) Sensi for Sale – The Tufftons
4) Pusherman – Curtis Mayfield
5) Steppin' Razor – Peter Tosh
6) Don't Stand At my Grave and Weep
7) Take a Ride – Luscious Jackson
8) What I Call a Name – Michael Andrews (Me and You and Everyone We Know)
9) Too High – Stevie Wonder
10) Mr. Cool – Rasputin's Stash
11) Primitive – Groupies
12) Padrecito – Medeski, Martin & Wood
13) Nabu Corfa – Dorothy Ashby
14) Two Clowns – Galactic
15) Cantaloupe Island – Grant Green