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Picture courtesy of a fantastic Photographer Lauren Coakley and a fantastic subject Ravid Hawk, who is even hairier under the mask!  www.laurencoakley.com

The full moon is out ,I’m feeling a little hairier and hungrier than usual, the soul sacrifice must be upon us. Hope youse guys are having a wicked week slinking and slithering in the shadows. Here are some tunes that may make you shiver down your spine, jump to the left and step to right. Best enjoyed dipped under the moonlight ! May the spirit of Peter Lorre forever guide you!

Seance Soul Harvest Mixtape <<<—-Lefty Clicky for goosebumps now or Righty Clicky to listen later while you separate your candy

1) InnerSanctum

2) The Season Of the Witch – Donovan  00:24

3) Halloween – Club d’Elf  05:05

4) El mal de ojo  09:30

5) Iron Man – The Cardigans  10:22

6) Soul Sacrifice – Santana  14:30

7) Sympathy For The Devil – The Rolling Stones  28:05

8) Time Warp – The Rocky Horror Picture Show  34:10

9) Chance of a Ghost  37:21

10) Witches – Shelly Manne 40:37

11) What’s Become of the Baby – Grateful Dead  43:33

12) Space – Grateful Dead  51:37

13) Getting Squinty – Club d’Elf  57:20

14)  O Death – Tangle Eye