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Some of my mixtapes heavily influence by Jazz, color, afro beat, psychedelic, country,couch melting dub, tubas, Djembes, fractured and dispersed light and upright Harps.



I be Blazing

I always be blazin’ brothers and sisters, hope you are too. Here’s a Summertime blues mixtape to keep all youse hip cats cool.

Summertime Blues Mixtape <<<— LEfty Clicky to dig some rockin blues now or Righty Clicky to save and listen later

1) BOom BoOm – Grant Green & Donald Byrd  00:00

2) 8 bit blues (Chicago to LA to NY) – Kid Koala   4:10

3) I ain’t drunk – Lonnie the Cat  8:14

4) Desperate Man – The Black Keys  10:38

5) Yer Blues – The Beatles  14:25

6) Who Do You Love – The Doors  18:18

7) Champagne and Reefer – Muddy Waters  24:24

8) Bright Lights – Gary Clark Jr.  28:55

9) Born Under A Bad Sign – Jimi Hendrix  34:09

10 ) Heaven – Tangle Eye  41:33

11) Burning Hell – John Lee Hooker  45:55

12) Supernatural – John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers  49:46

13) Open the Door Richard – Dusty Fletcher  52:33

14) Uncle Sam Blues – Hot Lips Page   58:30

15) This Land Is Nobody’s Land – John Lee Hooker  1:01:41

16) Mother Earth – Memphis Slim  1:06:05

17) Moonshiner – Bob Dylan  1:08:44

18) Pali Gap – Jimi Hendrix  1:13:45

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As fragrant as a Flower!

As fragrant as a Flower!

Hey Hey youse beautiful beings! I hope you are feelin’ as IRIE as I and I am. The summer solstice is near and the sun’s fiery, lovely light will shine upon some of us in the northern hemisphere and stand still. WOWZERS! I know at least in Bellingham, Washington I already hear the sweet chirps of fowl welcoming the first glimpse of rays at 343in the glorious morning and the light slowly vanishes into the Northern Sound around 10 pm. I nearly caught the sunset’s tail, but it eludes me till the morrow. I’m sure I’ll catch it one day. I can’t wait!! Here’s a summery mix that has a lotta of irie sour diesel vibrations through it. May you shine brighter than the SUN and Catch his TAIL! <<<– LEfty clicky to melt into yer lawn chair being baked in the sun or RiGhty Clicky to keep floatin on and on and on.

2) Just Leave It to Me – Debutantes 00:33
3) This Generation – The Lions feat Malik Moore & Black Shakespeare 02:44
4) Sundialing – Caribou 06:30
5) Keleya – Moussa Doumbia 10:56
6) Kaya Version – Bob Marley & The Wailers 17:25
7) Lying In The Sun – Kouskik 20:01
8) Milk and Honey – Dennis Alcapone 23:32
9) Pegion Rock – Sister Nancy 26:13
10) No Agreement, Pt. 2 – Fela Kuti 29:33
11) Estimated Prophet – Burning Spear 37:14
12) I’ll Be Around – Gregory Isaacs 43:54
13) One Thousand Swords – Augustus Pablo 47:00
14) No/Where – Garages 49:00
15) Ekassa 34 – Victor Uwaifo 51:52
16) Worldwide Love – Dennis Alcapone 58:28
17) Mirrors – the Comettes 01:01:37

Freshly Squeezed ColourS

Lauren Coakley, the daughter of Sun and Earth, Lover Of Light and Weaver of Time.

Lauren Coakley, the daughter of Sun and Earth, Lover Of Light and Weaver of Time.

Consciousness Rising as the mist in the morning. Spring’s Blooming above and below, Busting Buds into Burst of Beauty! In going along with my last post of my dream of Rainbow Infused beings changing the world into universal Consciousness here’s the mixtape they passed from hand to hand. Aw shit man my souls about to explode..3..2..1..*^** BABOOM** Every day is birthday cake! I have really enjoyed mixing this mixtape of Colourful Dancing Consciousness. I hope you enjoy it and I ‘ll see you on the other side.<<<—- LEftY ClicKY to Burst into Enlightenment  or RiGhtY ClickY to Mediate and Ponder the very thought of you.

I’ve had a blastoff in Bellingham, met some kin of the Mothership, family Fer Sure!  I’ve also met a lot of hurt homeless on meth and flying signs. I may have taken care of them or will in the ICU. I want to stop them at the pass before they go to ICU. Let them know that we are not shackled down by our past but have the ability to change the future by a change of thought on greater things.  “ For yesterday is death conquered and tomorrow is birth pursued.”-Kahlil Gibran.

Here’s some of my wanderings.

2013-04-03 19.51.262013-03-31 00.56.102013-03-20 02.48.21 2013-04-02 16.42.26

01-FOREWARD – James Allen

02-All in All – Julian

03-Children in the Temple Ground – Toshiko Akiyoshi

04-Epiphany (DJ Nu-Mark Remix) – Panacea

05-We Don’t Stop (feat_ Gift Of Gab & Radioactive) – Michael Franti and Spearhead

06-Ic Colors Featuring Mustafa Akbar Vs Ken Nordine (Qdup Foundation Remix) – Thunderball

07-Acetate Prophets – Jurassic 5

08-Kaleidoscope – James Allen

09-Crystallized – Melody’s Echo Chamber

10-Flesh – Ken Nordine

11-Place on Earth – Panacea

12-Wimble Toot (100th Monkey Remix) – Banco de Daia VS Kahlil Gibran

13-Gardens in the Rain (Estampes, No. 3) – Tomita

14-Sugaree – Grateful Dead

15-JAm – Major Jimmy and Me

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre” – Yeats


You say you want a Revolution?

As a being of Power, Intelligence, and Love, and the lord of his own thoughts, man holds the key to every situation, and contains within himself that transforming and regenerative agency by which he may make himself what he wills.

– James Allen.

It’s starts in your acknowledgment that higher, pure thoughts, leads to a life of peace and away from futile suffering. I encourage any one with an ear to hear and a freshly cleaned mirror to have a listen to James Allen’s , As a man thinketh. It will lead us into our own self discovery and a blazing light for every step! I think that we as a community can pass this truth and other truths around on CDs to coworkers and family, causing the fire of self knowledge to enflame our thoughts to righteous living in and all around us. This is suited for all those seekers of truth and light! I am Thought & Love. SAY WHaATTTTT?

Good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results; bad thoughts and actions can never produce good results. This is but saying that nothing can come from corn but corn, nothing.

– James Allen.

I had a dream last night after I drifted off to sleep listening to As a man thinketh.

The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn; the bird waits in the egg; and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities.

-James Allen.

Colorful, glowing people were passing mixtapes from hand to hand, like a slip of a bill and full grasp of the prize. Our TRUE THOUGHTS pressed and digitized, like a match lighting a thirsty for a drop forest, ABLAZED, into fresh flesh StErO headphones of other people who were wrapped in a rainbow ribbon. We communicated and placed your thoughts in mine and the reversal. Thought connected, then realized. Let’s spread the Word WORD. I plan on making a handful of CDs with James Allen or other recordings of light and passing them out like free hugs.

The world is your kaleidoscope, and the varying combinations of colours, which at every succeeding moment it presents to you are the exquisitely adjusted pictures of your ever-moving thoughts.

When this spreads, I would love to hear of what other glowing mixtapist are passing around like the 100 lbs of collie in the chalice. I am confident. Librivox is a fantastic place to fine higher thinking audio of free recordings to the public for the preservation of the public.


Smoking Circuits

No photoshop involved, just altered altered time


You are that vast thing that you see far, far off with great telescopes.
Alan Watts

  LOAD “*” ,8,1

The other day I met this cat ,Josh, with lovely deep green eyes, tearing up the Imperial March via the accordion on the corner. For his fantastic gypsy star wars rendition I gave him a small aquamarine crystal I had been keeping in my pocket from another kindred spirit ,Jules, fitting enough name. The Accordionist just happened to be into crystals so it wasn’t an insult, like a 40 cent tip. We got to gabbing as usual about color waves, vibrations and ,new to me, Wilhelm Reich( ) and his discovery of the orgasmic energy level. Josh continued to tell me that this orgasmic energy wave is also at the same energy created  by waterfalls and nature itself but in just a concentrated way when someone is having an orgasm. Wilhelm tapped into that , no pun intended, and made huge rooms full of this energy, not for orgasms, though that would be dope, but for healing. Wilhelm ,”coined the term “orgone” – derived from “orgasm” and “organism” – for a cosmic energy he said he had discovered, which he said others referred to as GOD. In 1940 he started building orgone accumulators, devices that his patients sat inside to harness the reputed health benefits, leading to newspaper stories about sex boxes that cured cancer.” Subsequently, the FDA didn’t approve of his healing orgasmic findings and burned 6 TONS!!!(an adult elephant) of his literature. Later Wilhelm was thrown in prison and died of “heart failure”. Josh had a “puck” tucked in the glove in his accordion box from that used this orgone principle to devise a portable version of this orgone energy for healing and other uses. Holding it in my hand I couldn’t tell if the shaking in my body was from the puck or due to shivering because I was cold as shit on a “warm” Bellingham Washington day. So here’s a mixtape about the vibrating energies that we pass from hand to hand after the initial connections are made, if willing, all over this precious Earth, enjoy. Wah wahwah Wah wah Wah wah wah Wah Hz OHMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Smoking Circuits<<Lefty Clicky to play the mixtape now or Righty clicky to save

1) Impossible Mission C64
2) Party Machine – Bruce Haack 00:12
3) Seveteen Years – Ratatat 00:57
4) More Bounce To The Ounce – Zapp & Roger 12:03
5) Metamorphosis – Ananda Shankar 17:05
6) Emerald Alley – Up, Bustle & Out 23:48
7) Baro – Issa Bagayogo 28:10
8) Gwyra Mi – Ramiro Musotto 34:10
9) Stay Human [Stereo Steambath Remix] – Michael Franti 38:31
10) China Cat Sunflower Remix – Boombox 44:48
11) Blue Skies – BT/Tori Amos 51:49
12) The Cosmic Dance (Mindwalk Remix) – melodysheep 56:47
13) Stars Wars Accordion Medley – Josh the Accordionist 59:42
14) (Exchange) – Massive Attack 1:02:08


A picture of the Tarot Card The Magician from the the wonderful Tarot Card deck "The Cosmic Tribe" by Stevee Postman

A picture of the Tarot Card The Magician from the the wonderful Tarot Card deck “The Cosmic Tribe” by Stevee Postman

Jassaffras<<<<—- LEftY ClIcKy to be the SKaT, BoP, FUnK, sWiNG, SoUL, BEboP, Right NOw oR RiGhtY ClIcKy to DiG the BeAt aT YeR OWn DrUmMEr n 5/4 TiMe!

JaZz has always been there since the beginning of Time, from Debussy to Dave Brubeck, Gershwin to the Grateful Dead, from the first joyous inhale of life to the slow wimpering exhale of death, from the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly, a single cell to an complex iris of a hazel eye and everything in between. Jazz is truth, creation, freedom, mistakes, mastery of sound and colorful magic.”The Magician is a seasonal transdimensional traveler who can simultaneously be here now and bear witness to the birth of the cosmos. He dips in the pool of time and ripples the dawn that illuminates our path” You may not know that you love Jazz, but you do , YOU ARE JAZZ, WE, as a collective, are a JAZZ ENSEMBLE. Capable of moving in any direction, FLUID, making notes that haven’t been heard of or invented yet, the space in between the space between , below and beyond, FAROUT, OUTTA SIGHT, DOPE and sensually close by, it is the GREAT I AM. Open yerself to the truth man, DIG! God hath used math, science, JaZz and luck to paint the universe, and you are THE drop on the tip of his paintbrush, a unique splatter of beautiful iridescent color, remember, “there will be never be another like you”. May you always experience the beautiful breath of life and be fruitful in everything you do!

1- Basic Hip – Del Close 00:00

2- Pinball Connection Remix – DJ Food 1:11

3- The Selma March – Grant Green 03:51

4- Babo – Johnny Lytle Trio 12:02

5- If You’re a Viper – Bob Howard 17:38

6- Concrete Jungle – Jenova 7 19:59

7- The Sun – Alice Coltrane 20:22

8- My Favorite Things – Alice Coltrane 23:57

9- Do You Dig U? – Q Tip 30:15

10-The Cool Rebellion – Howard Smith 33:13

11- In A Silent Way(Joe Zawinul) – Club d’Elf 53:25

12- I Heard It Through the Grapevine – Bill Frisell 1:04:47

13- I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter – Madeleine Peyroux 1:12:16



ConduitWe made it! The clock has ticked passed the Mayan calendar into the new era of global awakening and rebirth! How exciting! To celebrate the life we love and the love we live here’s a mixtape of the consciousness expanding and absorbing tunes to keep you moving FURTHUR into the new year! May they be seedlings of positive vibrations throughout the year that grow into an abundant everflowing manifestation of peace and love! SAY WHATTTT? Be well friends!
<<<—RIGHTY CLICKY to be initial ripple of an infinite ripple of peace and love! LEFTY CLICKY to plant later until yer roots find good EARTH!

1) Cosmic Dancer – T REX  00:00

2) Truth – ALEXANDER  04:20

3) Nightmares – OPEN MIKE EAGLE  08:37

4) In Every Direction – JUNIP  12:29

5) Trample Under Foot – LED ZEPPELIN  15:30

6) Chemical Calisthenics Featuring Cut Chemist of Jurassic 5 – BLACKALICIOUS  20:57

7) Blind Man, Blind Man – GRANT GREEN  24:16

8) Glue – ACE OF CUPS  26:59

9) Dirty Money – ANTIBALAS  31:20

10) Rebel Music (3 O’Clock Roadblock) – BOB MARLEY  37:37

11) The Gala Event – BEASTIE BOYS  44:11

12) Born Under A Bad Sign – JIMI HENDRIX 47:35

13) House Of Diamonds – BOWERBIRDS  55:05

14) Scale Down – RISING APPALACHIA  57:18

15)  Masters of War – THE STAPLE SINGERS  1:04:53

Smoke Rings


Alphonse Mucha – JOB Poster


1) Field of Vision – SCI-FI RADIO
2) Click Boom Boom – EMILY WELLS 1:19
3) Interlude 2nd Happiest Song – PROJECT TRIO 5:28
4) Slim's Return – MADLIB 6:52
5) U Can Get It – ProleteR 10:35
6) Playtime – David Hillyard & The Rocksteady Seven 14:52
7) Neveem – Salah Ragab 19:14
8) What Goes Around Comes Around – LENNY KRAVITZ 26:54
9) Graffiti – DIGABLE PLANETS 31:29
10) Door To The Cosmos(DJ KICKS REMIX) – SUN RA 35:30
11) Inner Space feat. Hugo Kant – JENOVA 7 36:45
12) Your Most Valuable Possession – BEN FOLD'S FIVE 42:18
13) Prints Tie – Bobby Hutcherson 44:12
14) I AM BE – DE LA SOUL 51:02
15) lifelong fiction – aphilas 56:05



Picture courtesy of a fantastic Photographer Lauren Coakley and a fantastic subject Ravid Hawk, who is even hairier under the mask!

The full moon is out ,I’m feeling a little hairier and hungrier than usual, the soul sacrifice must be upon us. Hope youse guys are having a wicked week slinking and slithering in the shadows. Here are some tunes that may make you shiver down your spine, jump to the left and step to right. Best enjoyed dipped under the moonlight ! May the spirit of Peter Lorre forever guide you!

Seance Soul Harvest Mixtape <<<—-Lefty Clicky for goosebumps now or Righty Clicky to listen later while you separate your candy

1) InnerSanctum

2) The Season Of the Witch – Donovan  00:24

3) Halloween – Club d’Elf  05:05

4) El mal de ojo  09:30

5) Iron Man – The Cardigans  10:22

6) Soul Sacrifice – Santana  14:30

7) Sympathy For The Devil – The Rolling Stones  28:05

8) Time Warp – The Rocky Horror Picture Show  34:10

9) Chance of a Ghost  37:21

10) Witches – Shelly Manne 40:37

11) What’s Become of the Baby – Grateful Dead  43:33

12) Space – Grateful Dead  51:37

13) Getting Squinty – Club d’Elf  57:20

14)  O Death – Tangle Eye



If you have 12 hrs and 3 minutes to spare, light some incense in the chalice and check out this spiritual jazz transcendence into auditory nirvana. HEAVY. Infinite Thanks to for this fantastic journey, I have now left this earthly vessel to commune and get down with the great spirits of soul and sound! I will never be the same!

Reviewer: Black Classical – – February 18, 2012
Subject: About the show
Broadcast on February 12th 2012
[12hrs:03mins] Spiritual Jazz.

The download is at 128k due to the streaming server restrictions.


Roy Campbell/Joe McPhee Music is the healing Force
Fred Stone Theme from Laurence of Arabia
Fred Stone Elissa
Bob Thiele lament for John Coltrane
Bob Thiele Love Supreme
Dwight Trible In the beginning GOD
Massimo Urbani Quartet Dedication to Albert Ayler
Elvin Jones Love Supreme
Massimo Urbani Quartet Dedication to John Coltrane
Family of Percussion Circulus Aquae
Sunday Palaver Last March
Blackclassical Remixes Sarah Webster Fabio
1. My Own Thing
2. Echo of Rain
3. Crossfire
4. I would be for you Rain
Cheikh Tidiane Fall African Spiritual Soldier
Cheikh Tidiane Fall African Ancestrial Piece
Sarah Webster Fabio Turn from Love
Sun Ra Antique Blacks
Soloman Iria: Prayer
David S Ware Theme from the Stargazers
Karmu Daahoud: Deep River In Her Voice
Kahn Jamal Drum dance to the Motherloade
Mor Thaim Return of the Fisher King
Pyramids Anomawa
Pyramids Birth speed and merging
Pyramids Lalibela suite
Pyramids Speed
Pyramids King of Kings
Pyramids Indigo
Pyramids Ya ke ya Ke
Pyramids Land of the eternal nile
Herbie Hancock / Don Cherry / Mtume Kawaida
Pyramids Queen of Spirits
Brother Ah Sweet Illumination
JJ Clayton Fragments
Jef Gilson Malagasy
Sam Rivers Topaz
Edward Vesala Call of the Sea
Oracy The Weight don’t make things no lighter
Warren Smith Echora
Richard Abrahams Degrees and levels of light
Sun Ra Mayan Temples
Amir Bakra I love Music
Amir Bakra Black Mass Excerpt
Don Rendell Space walk
Warren Smith Ann of Nizgh
Infinate Sound Spain
Infinate Sound Ocean
Babatunde Lee Lion’s walk
Infinate Sound Ocean (Reprise)
Griot Galaxy Necrophillia
Griot Galaxy After the Dream
Griot Galaxy Dragons
Dizzy Reece Nirvana
Dizzy Reece Possession
Dizzy Reece Crisis
Carlos Garnett Black Nile
Carlos Garnett Dawid
Griot Galaxy Khamti Noblia
Two Banks of Four One Day
Cheikh Tidiane Fall Few Maka Black Snow
Terumassa Hino / Mal Waldrom Reminiscence suite
Build an Ark Nature
Roy Brooks and the Artistic Truth Black Survival
Edward Vesala Wind
Milton Marsh Everlasting
Organic Music Society Brazilian Ceremonial Hymn
Muhal Richard Abrams How are you?
Don Cherry Relativity suite part 1
Organic Music Society Manuscha Raga Kamboji
John Coltrane Welcome
John Coltrane Om
Karmu Daåhoud Poem for our Majestic Ancestors
Les Oubliés de Jazz Ensemble Nigger/UR/AH Musician
Nobuo Hara Sharps and Flats Sohran Bushi
Babs Robert Love Planet Extra Pol Action Ice Cream 70
Charles Tolliver’s Music Inc Ruthies Heart
Dinamitri Jazz Folklore Kongo Bells
Amiri Baraka There really was an Africa Poem
Masahiko Togashi The Beginning
John Coltrane Dearly Beloved
Dave Lee Jr Spirit Voices
Eddie Gale It must be you
Bruce Johnson Rainstorm/Calm/Peace
Donald Alexander Strachan and The Freedom Ensemble Song for Searching
Cozzi Anatz Hortus
Philip Cohran and the Artistic Heritage Ensemble: Black Beauty
Azar Lawrence: The Beautiful and Omnipresence of Love
Sun Ra: When There is No Sun (horo)
Roland Kirk: Spirits up Above
Doug Hammond: Dat’n
Imamu Amiri Baraka: Chant
Pharoah Sanders: Red, Black & Green
Alice Coltrane: Universal Consciousness
Ornette Coleman: Trouble in the East pt 1
Pharoah Sanders: Creator Has a Master Plan
Ornette Coleman: Trouble in the East
Don Moye: Black paradlisia
Michael White: Preytude
Marion Brown: Karintha (Poem from Cane)
Black Artist’s Group: Sweet Street Song
Alice Coltrane: Galaxy Around Satchidananda
Sun Ra: When there is no sun (live)
Emil Richards: Journey To Bliss Part 3
Alice Coltrane: A Love Supreme
Albert Ayler: Change Has Come
Marion Brown: Karintha Part 2
Pharoah Sanders: To John
John Coltrane: A Love Supreme, Pt. 1 Acknowledgment
John Coltrane: A Love Supreme, Pt. 4 Psalm
Roach Om: A Poem for lost Souls
John Tchichai: Afrodisiaca
Last Poets: Invocation
Pheeroan Ak Laff: Michelle Del
Marion Brown: Flute Song
Lightmen: Free as you wanna be
Joe McPhee: Scorpio’s Dance
Hannibal: Sunrise Forest
Hamiet Bluiett: Ayana Nneke
Sonny Murray: Suns of Africa Pt ii
Khan Jamal: Pure Energy
William Norwood Look At Teyonda
Eddie Gale The Coming Of Gwilu
Eddie Gale Song of Will
Eddie Gale Understanding
Eddie Gale Fulton Street
Eddie Gale Walk with Thee
Eddie Gale The Gleeker
Eddie Gale Look At Teyonda
Eddie Gale The Rain
Piano Choir: Almoravids
Jayne Cortez: I am New York City
Oneness of Ju-Ju: Introduction
Gill Scott Heron: Peace Go with you Brother
George Russell: Events iv
Earth Wind and Fire: Energy
Muriel Winston: Song for Daddy
Build an Ark: Key to the Universe
Cheikh Tidiane Fall Few Maka: Diom Futa
Akira Miyazawa: Bull Trout
Brother Ah Sound Awareness: Beyond Yourself
Heath Brothers: Smilin’ Billy Suite
Heath Brothers: Maimouna
Sarah Webster Fabio: I Would Be for You Rain
Cecil McBee: A Feeling
Cecil McBee: Voice of the 7th Angel
Clifford Jordan 872
Ensemble Al-Salaam Music Is Nothing But A Prayer
The Sojourner Ensemble Al-Salaam
John Betsch Ra
George Russell Part ii Events
Stanley Cowell Lullabye
Pharaoh Sanders Prince of Peace
Brother Ah Love Piece
The Descendants of Mike and Phoebe Attica
Shamek Farrah/Sonelius Smith The World of Children
The Descendants of Mike and Phoebe two songs for a boy named Mark
Haki R. Madhubuti Medasi: Pyramids to projects
Letta Mbulu Sunrise
Southern Freedom Arkestra Love is where the spirit Lies
Don Cherry Malukans
Watts Prophets My People ill stop callin you Nigger
Don Cherry Daisy McKee
Don Cherry & Eternal Orchestra / Penderecki Actions
Stanley Crouch Aint No Ambulances For No Nigguhs Tonight
Don Ellis Mirror Pond Of Stars
Lester Bowie Amina
Marc Levin Twilight Dance
Nathan Davis Poem For Martin Luther King
Dave Lee Jr The Freedom Bells
Roy Campbell Pyramid Trio Imhotep
Barma Village Poet Blackman My Brother
Mombassa Kenia
Mombassa Holz
Barma Village Poet Social Narcotics
Art Blakey Elephant Walk
Horace Silver Message From Kenya
M’Boom! Re-percussion
Mike Knock Underground
Coalition Kenya’s horizon
Hannibal Revelation
Airto Encontro No Bar
Art Ensemble of Chicago Certain Blacks

Maybe some missed out but you get the point. Thanks for listening.