I be Blazing

I always be blazin’ brothers and sisters, hope you are too. Here’s a Summertime blues mixtape to keep all youse hip cats cool.

Summertime Blues Mixtape <<<— LEfty Clicky to dig some rockin blues now or Righty Clicky to save and listen later

1) BOom BoOm – Grant Green & Donald Byrd  00:00

2) 8 bit blues (Chicago to LA to NY) – Kid Koala   4:10

3) I ain’t drunk – Lonnie the Cat  8:14

4) Desperate Man – The Black Keys  10:38

5) Yer Blues – The Beatles  14:25

6) Who Do You Love – The Doors  18:18

7) Champagne and Reefer – Muddy Waters  24:24

8) Bright Lights – Gary Clark Jr.  28:55

9) Born Under A Bad Sign – Jimi Hendrix  34:09

10 ) Heaven – Tangle Eye  41:33

11) Burning Hell – John Lee Hooker  45:55

12) Supernatural – John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers  49:46

13) Open the Door Richard – Dusty Fletcher  52:33

14) Uncle Sam Blues – Hot Lips Page   58:30

15) This Land Is Nobody’s Land – John Lee Hooker  1:01:41

16) Mother Earth – Memphis Slim  1:06:05

17) Moonshiner – Bob Dylan  1:08:44

18) Pali Gap – Jimi Hendrix  1:13:45

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About Spacin'jason

I once found myself untangling two separate headphones, listening to one pair and noticing another one on the couch. "This is Crazy", I think I just saw how I was going to die. I have always enjoyed music and color -often at the same time. I was a tuba player, play the djembe, learning the bass and whistle often. I have been making mixes since magnetic tape and a karaoke machines. My sister loved rock ,my brother rocked out to bass and hip hop, i fell in love with Jazz, and my uncle Steve took me to see Steve Miller , following him after the show to his hotel and letting him sign my bootleg Steve shirt. "Its ok man, you can keep your shirt on".

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