Bellbottoms – Endless Mirrors and Infinite Me’s


The 3rd Eye

Bellbottoms <— CLICK HERE
Dose yerself with a large Drop of Sunshine and enjoy this summery colorful mix.

1- The Golden Road – The Grateful Dead
2- Not Fade Away – The Rolling Stones
3- Draft Morning – The Byrds
4- Where Are We Going – Donald Byrd
5- Hey Jude – The Overton Berry Trio
6- Alabama Bound – The Charlatans
7- Ride My See-Saw – The Moody Blues
8- I’m Free – The Rolling Stones
9- Instant Karma ! – John Lennon
10- I Dig Love – George Harrison
11- Can’t Come Down – The Warlocks
12- Dark Star – The Grateful Dead
13- Dark Star ( Closing Winterland)- The Grateful Dead
14- House Of The Rising Sun – Grant Green
15- Quicksilver Girl – Steve Miller
16- Somebody to Love – The Great Society
17- 2000 Light Years From Home – The Rolling Stones

About Spacin'jason

I once found myself untangling two separate headphones, listening to one pair and noticing another one on the couch. "This is Crazy", I think I just saw how I was going to die. I have always enjoyed music and color -often at the same time. I was a tuba player, play the djembe, learning the bass and whistle often. I have been making mixes since magnetic tape and a karaoke machines. My sister loved rock ,my brother rocked out to bass and hip hop, i fell in love with Jazz, and my uncle Steve took me to see Steve Miller , following him after the show to his hotel and letting him sign my bootleg Steve shirt. "Its ok man, you can keep your shirt on".

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